The communication of architecture

Every construction investment answers the clients’ needs. It’s the result of work performed by interdisciplinary teams, determining its character, starting from the economic and social guidelines, through the functional and esthetical ones, and finishing with detailed technical solutions. Its complexity starts to pose a serious challenge in communication.

Under the omnipresent information pressure, we focus on what we see for a very short time. The message has to be clear and immediately understandable, inappropriate construction of it can create the impression that the presented object is not what a client asked for. Despite its wide application, not every 3D render communicates the message in a proper way, underlining the strengths of the design. That is why hiring a good company with professional architecture rendering services is crucial.

Even the best-designed patio with well-measured arrangement of greenery and recreation area can seem too confined and lacking the potential because of an incorrect shot or a layout. A breathtaking view through the window or a high-quality interior can be overlooked, despite the advantage they give the investment.


Photorealistic architectural rendering

Well-prepared architectural model is based not only the professional equipment and software. These are necessary for preparing the 3D visual along with all the details, including scanned materials and photorealistic lighting. But it’s the team of well-educated and experienced professionals that gives the final touch of excellence to the architectural illustration, so as it tells the story coherent with the agreed strategy of communication.

The attention during the correct planning of all elements in the render, connected with the conscious application of the arrangement rules, puts the design strengths in the first place. Such skillful tools operation lets us, depending on the target audience, communicate the architecture by emphasizing the product value or emotional value. All of the above builds the positive attitude of a client and beneficially influences the investment perception.

Main areas of application

Our 3D visuals are always well-adapted to their purpose:

Presentations for clients during initial meetings, Management Board meetings for the analysis of solutions applied or the promotion effectiveness.

Negotiations with building administration representatives for confirming the compliance of the investment with local requirements.

Stressing the keynotes during the architectural design competition.

Press and  conference materials, leaflets for the architecture and design expos and for distribution.

Billboards and display advertisements constituting an inseparable element of the promotion before the design implementation.


The benefits of architectural rendering application

It’s no secret, that clear communication is one of the most important factors in the designing process. Sometimes the drawing of a building is understandable only within the team of experts, in other cases it’s good to have a 3D visual to support the vision.

If we would like to stand out from the competition, it’s a good idea to underline the investment advantages, such as a patio, the greenery arrangement, parking spots availability or additional infrastructure of playgrounds.

Architectural visualization is also essential if we wish to emphasize the window view, the neighborhood, attractive interior or high quality materials for the decorative finish.

Depending on our needs, we can target a particular group of potential clients by creating emotional reference to given values, or we can go for a logical message, focusing on measurable investment values. It’s vital especially when we’re creating a marketing strategy that has to be coherent since the very beginning.