New challenges, new tools

The wide use of still visualizations of apartments, houses, kitchens or living rooms has defined them as a standard in the construction industry, whereas architectural animations are more and more popular. In such dynamically developing environment, it’s more and more difficult to distinguish yourself, to stand out and be noticed. The answer lies in the vigorous progress of interactive communication with the flagship example of a virtual walk.

Traditional limitations in visual communication

Apart from the limitations of rather traditional solutions, such as interior or architectural visualizations described in detail in the animation section, we can encounter a few quality limitations.

Despite all the animations advantages, rich content that can be presented through them, they have one significant limitation that is inscribed in their DNA. No matter how perfectly the form matches the target audience, a client will always remain a passive content recipient without any influence. The animation will always present the content in the same way, unresponsive to any users’ additional questions.

Virtual walk – the benefits of interactive solutions


The answer is to give our client the chance to participate actively in exploring the space. Interactive walks allow a user to go inside, to experience the space and explore in on a higher level. If someone is more interested in interior visualizations, he or she can focus on, for example, a living room and a kitchen, and look at it from many different angles and perspectives. It’s the user who is in charge of the message and decides on what he or she wants to see and devote the attention to.

It continues to be an innovative experience and because of it, the client remembers it more vividly. It creates incomparably deeper engagement, attracts the attention for a longer period of time and results in a much better price for our offer.

In addition to all of the advantages, virtual walks remain an easy to use interactive technology. The navigation is intuitive and the only things you need to start the virtual adventure are the Internet connection and a web browser. There’s no need for additional equipment, as in case of full virtual reality.

Thanks to it, virtual walks are easy to apply in social media campaigns. They are also hassle-free during incorporating them into an article content.

Even more engagement

The application of 3D interactive presentations in campaigns is a global trend. More and more companies go for technologies which help them build a deeper relation with their clients. Market research indicates, that this trend will be on the rise, therefore it cannot be ignored.